How to: Receive a Purchase Order

Do NOT click on “receive all”

*** When receiving P.O’s in RQ4 please do not use the “receive all button” and please do not add a sku to the PO.

“We have seen POs from our accessory vendor that are being shorted product! Please be detailed when matching up what you physically receive to what RQ4 shows you should receive. I would need to know any variances that day”
– Tim Wallace

Here is a quick review on receiving POs.

The key is to make sure what was shipped by the Vendor was delivered by UPS or FedEx.

Was this box damaged, re-taped, and/or a replacement box?
If so, Do not sign for the shipment unless you have the shipper notate it was damaged. Also please contact Tim at that day. He will need pictures of all 6 sides of the box. As well as a side that include the shipping label

Match the packing slip with what is in the box and on the PO in RQ4.

Did the box have a packing slip (sometimes under the shipping label)?
If the box did not have a packing slip work with Tim Wallace to have a list of what was shipped.

Does the packing slip match what is in the box and on the PO in RQ4?
If not reach out to Tim Wallace about the variance.

The shipment and RQ4 match!

If the packing slip, RQ4 PO, and the items line up. Then it is time to receive the items into RQ4.

Please keep in mind that all accessory POs will ship in full. Any variances should be a red flag. Handset order will have back orders, but the back order items will not reflect as shipped on the packing slip.