Employee HR Hotline Form

A message from Innovate HR: 

Dear Wireless Express Employees,

We value your opinions, concerns and your ideas. They matter. We also understand that things can sometimes derail at work and Wireless Express wants to know about it so they can help.

I am pleased to announced that we now have a Confidential Employee Hotline for you to utilize, should you find the need to do so. This hotline gives you a vehicle to report things that you may not feel comfortable talking with anyone else about while remaining anonymous. These notices will come directly to HR and unless you choose to add your name to them, will be 100% anonymous.


You may report anything you feel you need to but here are some great examples:

  • Safety and security
  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Theft and fraud
  • Code of conduct and compliance


If you feel you need to reach out, we welcome you to do so. We want to know if we can help and hope you will. The choice is yours.

The hotline can be found at: https://innovatehr.com/hotline/

Kind Regards,


Paula Fulghum
Chief Innovator