RQ Blank Trade In Screen Fix

RQ4 when processing a trade in will sometimes appear blank

If this happens there are two different ways to resolve.  The tradein window actually uses “internet explorer” from your PC and integrates it into RQ, so theres an issue with cache/ history

1. Close all programs and web browsers,   Right click on the recycle bin and select “Run CCleaner”  if its installed it will clear cache and when you reopen RQ it should appear.   If you don’t have CCleaner installed then go on to manual steps listed next.

2. Open Internet Explorer
– On your keyboard, press Ctrl-Shift-Delete. A Delete Browsing History window will appear
– Ensure all checkboxes are checked except for the very top one labelled Preserve Favorites website data (you can also leave Passwords unchecked if you choose)
– Click Delete
– Close Internet Explorer
– Once these steps are complete, try the action in RQ again.

Author: John

IT Manager System Operations