Symbol LS2208 Barcode Scanner Programming

Click Here to download PDF

If you receive a replacement Motorola/ Symbol LS2208, or if yours currently does not scan and add the “enter key” after scanning a sku  ( which becomes very annoying for an inventory count)

This is how to program them to hit “enter” automatically after a scan

If you cannot scan the screen, click the PDF below and save to your PC and Print just the “LS2208-Enterprogramming”


Click Here to download PDF

For Reference also the quick start guide is available here:

Full guide:




Brother MFC Toner/Drum Reset Video

I recorded a quick video showing how to do the drum/reset procedure for those still having issues.  Anytime you see the toner low or actually change the toner/drum you should do this.  The printer is programmed to say “toner low” based on page count and to annoy everyone.

When you are out of toner your text will be faded.
When you are out of drum your pages will be blank.

RQ Not launching? Try this – FixIT Script

There are two services that windows runs in the background that are required to be running for RQ to launch


To save you the frustration of having to go to the start menu, Type in Services.msc, find the two services and manually start them..


Take this .BAT file and right click it to save target AS in chrome.

Once its on your desktop, just RIGHT CLICK IT and “Run as Administrator”
It will launch a window and automatically shut down and restart the processes for you.


Now RQ should load without any problems until the next time Windows 10 does an update and causes everything to “reset to default” in six months in which I will leave this post up to once again repeat.




Clean up hard drive space by deleting iTunes backups

With audits rolling around, we need to make sure we are not hoarding customer data.
Step 1 Delete Using iTunes

1.  Open up iTunes.
2.  Click on iTunes in the menu.
3.  Click on Preferences.

How to Clean Up Hard Drive Space by Deleting iOS Device Backup Folders from iTunes

4.  Go to the Devices tab.

How to Clean Up Hard Drive Space by Deleting iOS Device Backup Folders from iTunes

5.  Click on the backup you want to remove, then Delete Backup.

How to Clean Up Hard Drive Space by Deleting iOS Device Backup Folders from iTunes

6.  Confirm by pressing Delete.

How to Clean Up Hard Drive Space by Deleting iOS Device Backup Folders from iTunes
7.  Repeat for any other backups you want to delete.


  • It’s a good idea to clear out all the older backups, but you should keep the newest backup for each device. For some reason, if you need to restore your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, you won’t be able to if you deleted all of the backups. Always keep the newest one!
  • If you deleted all of them, don’t worry—the next time you sync your device with iTunes, a new backup will be created.
  • If you have a ton of backups and would rather delete them all in one swoop…

Step 2 Delete Directly from the System

On Mac and PC, Apple stores your iTunes iOS backups in your file system. You can find your backup archive in the following folders (~ represents your user directory):

  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup
  • Windows: ~\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

When you navigate to the Backup folder, you’ll find that they contain a bunch of folders with gibberish names and seemingly random content. There’s no easy way to identify them, but in list view, you can sort by date modified and send all of the old ones to the trash. Then empty to delete and see how much space you just resurrected.

How to Clean Up Hard Drive Space by Deleting iOS Device Backup Folders from iTunes


  • Do not delete all backup folders. If your iOS device falters, you won’t be able to restore it—you’ll have to start anew. If you upgrade to a better device, update your firmware or get a replacement device, you can easily set it up to make sure you have the same content you had when last synced with iTunes—so make sure to keep a backup handy!
  • Continue backing up your iOS devices. Regular backups makes sure that you’re always safe from malfunctions and glitches destroying your data. Just delete the older ones once you perform a new update.
  • You can prevent iTunes from automatically creating a backup of your device, but you shouldn’t do that unless you want to perform manual backups from time to time.
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Adblock for Chrome- Install on all workstations

Please make sure you are using ADBLOCK PLUS ( ABP) as a google chrome extension.

To install, open chrome and click on this link:

Then click “Add to Chrome”

This will block all ads, including youtube and google ads, and most importantly will block infected adservers on websites that house malware ( including scam popups telling you your computer is infected, etc)

Remember only approved software designated by IT is allowed on our PCs. Before you install anything ( unless listed in email or on this site) please reach out to me for permission -john@mywirelessexpress (.)com